About Us

Who we are?

EDI Network is an organisation Founded by Bushra Ali.
Bushra Ali is a practising Solicitor and non-practising barrister. She Founded Bushra Ali Solicitors in June 2015. She is Winner of Leicestershire Law Society Solicitor of the year for 2012 and 2016.
In 2018/19 she served as the youngest President of the Leicestershire Law Society, with a key theme in her presidential year of celebrating diversity and the empowerment of women.
Bushra is Founder of a number of other organisations including Network 2 Konnect, The Bushra Ali Foundation and Empowered Women Empowering Women.
She is also leading the Steering Group Leicester on the Register Our Marriage Campaign. She is a Trustee of One Roof Leicester. She is on the Steering Committee Leicester for the CLORE Leadership Programme.
Her most recent appointment is as a member of the Immigration Committee at The Law Society of England and Wales The role of the Immigration Law Committee is to keep under review and to promote improvements in immigration and asylum law, practice and procedure. It also has the responsibility to review and advise on the role, design and operation of any immigration law accreditation schemes.
Please send all your EDI enquiries  to info@edinetwork.co.uk

EDI Network (Equality Diversity Inclusion) is an organisation with a vision of inclusivity for all. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a section in all our office policy manuals, but when we talk about `inclusivity’ surely this needs to bring us together in the practical sense of the word too.
EDI Network will look to move away from this idea that all different professions need to address EDI on their own.
Instead it will look to bring all professions together with no differentiation between professions as surely our policies on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion need to be the same across the board regardless as to what profession we belong to.
EDI Network is a national organisation with an aim of being not for profit. It will look to bring to the forefront those issues that matter to us all that need to be addressed collectively.
In a society where we believe “together, we are stronger”, surely the aim of EDI Network is the same.
EDI Network looks forward to delivering via its 10 Hubs a range of courses, seminars, forums, panel discussions and debates on all issues Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
If you are someone that would like to offer your services by delivering a course, seminar or event on Equality Diversity or Inclusion via the EDI Network, or there is a topic upon which you would like us to deliver a seminar or event, please email us at info@edinetwork.co.uk